Our Core Value
Our Core Value

City Bar Association. Ho Chi Minh

MEDLAW always appreciate and put the interests of customers first. We has constantly attempted to raise the legal service quality, in order to create great values for the customers.


Corporate management solutions consultancy, contract consultancy, labor management and use consultancy, investment consultancy, etc.


Consultancy on setting up medical investment projects, consultancy on completing hospital, clinic administrative documents, and administration, etc.

Court proceedings

Comprehensively assess legal issues related to disputes to consult for customers, propose negotiating options for customers, etc.


Civil Code, Criminal Code, Law on Land, Law on Marriage and Family, Labor Code of Vietnam, Intellectual Property Law.

Lawyer’s skill training

Skills and experience in contacting and consulting customers, skills in reading and analyzing records, skills in writing arguments at the court, etc.



MEDLAW has constantly attempted to raise the legal service quality, in order to create great values for the customers.


MEDLAW always appreciate and put the interests of customers first.The dedication is the foundation building the credit and trust from customers for us.


MEDLAW owns a team of highly qualified Lawyers and Consultants with seasoned experience and skills in various legal fields.

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Account information:

Account name: MEDLAW LAW CO., LTD
Account No.: 101214851034541
Bank: Vietnam Import-Export Trading Joint Stock Company - District 10 Branch (Eximbank Dist.10 Branch)
The transfer content clearly states: Customer service choose + Full name + Phone number

MEDLAW is honored to be your companion!

Free legal consultancy3 - 10 daysFree
Legal advice for a fee3 - 7 daysDepends on the specific case
Direct legal consultancy Lawyer:
2-3.000.000 VND/hour
Senior consultant: direct contact
Legal training CONTACT US
Regular legal advice for individuals/households CONTACT US
Regular legal advice for businesses CONTACT US





Thank you for your trust in MEDLAW! Do not hesitate to enter your information in the Form above.

You can go to the sections of Operation fields, Targeted Customers and Services at the website for more information about MEDLAW. Or more simply, you can pick up the phone and call or email us right away to get the answers.

  • Phone number: (84-28) 2253 7956
  • Email:

MEDLAW is always ready to receive customers via both phone and email. You can leave your information in the Form and receive a direct consultancy via phone or email from our Legal Executives and Lawyers.

For details on the cost of a typical transaction at MEDLAW, you can refer to the information in the SERVICES.

However, for complicated cases, MEDLAW does not offer a specific price. After drawing on working experience for a long time, MEDLAW has realized that actual costs will depend on a variety of factors including:

  • What is the requirement of the customer?
  • Things that customers do not fully understand about their situation.
  • Number of solutions that MEDLAW proposed after learning, researching and analyzing customer situations.
  • Customers want us to solve the whole problem or want us to accompany as the consultancy role.
  • Additional information or problems arising from customers after receiving dossiers.

In many cases, we thought the problems were very complicated, but when starting to learn, we found out a quick and easy solution that saved a lot of time and cost for the customers. On the contrary, in a few other cases, sometimes the customers thought their problems were very simple, but when we started to do it, their situations had a lot of problems that the customers themselves did not acknowledge. Some customers add "factual information" (problems arising) as well as last minute requests, increasing the workload for our Lawyers. To avoid the above situations, sometimes we will need customers to answer some information so that we can easily solve the issues and minimize the aforementioned problems.

MEDLAW has always attempted to provide good quality, professional, and effective services to maximize the interests of customers. In addition, the goal that we aim at is to build a close relationship with our customers..

The consultancy via telephone and email is one of the services provided by MEDLAW. Many important events or meetings are easily interrupted due to the weather, distance, etc. while online consultancy can resolve well.

At present, we have a lot of individual customers who sign long-term consultancy contracts and corporate customers who sign regular consultancy contracts via email and telephone. MEDLAW will directly offer the most suitable methods based on the needs of each customer.

Normally for consultancy service via email without attached document, MEDLAW will respond within 1-3 working days. For more complicated questions and attachments, MEDLAW needs to review and analyze documents, so the resolving time will be about 1-7 working days. Similarly, for important cases, the resolving time will depend on the complexity of each case.

The cases of customers are various. MEDLAW always expect that each customer can receive the most effective , best quality and professional services. Therefore, MEDLAW always devotes out time time and optimal efforts for each transaction.

You need to bring along your personal documents, such as ID card, passport, and for a company, you should bring along establishment permit, business registration certificate, company profit, services/products and basic information related to the legal case that you intend to hand over to us, so we will have enough information to give consultancy to you.

The purpose of the direct consultancy between customers and the main lawyer is mentioning questions, as well as requirements related to the legal case that customers need consultancy from the lawyer. 

For simple cases or customers requiring on consultancy and implementation instruction, they will be advised right at the direct consulting session.

For thorough consultancy requests or customers require MEDLAW to provide supplementary services, the parties will sign a specific agreement or contract.

Enhance customers’ understanding and knowledge about law.

Provide solutions to resolve customers’ problems or questions.

Feel secured when customers’ cases or problems are advised and resolved in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law.

Restrict and abolish possible risks on legal violations.